Engine Overhaul Kits

Since 1998 we’ve specialized in engine parts and overhaul kits. Our in-frame and out of frame kits include everything you need to rebuild your engine, engineered for maximum performance to ensure a long service life. 

KT Overhaul Kits for Komatsu® and Cummins® Equipment.

We offer Overhaul Kits for The following Engines:

  • 4D95, 4D106, SA6D102, S6D110, S4D130, S6D155
  • S4D95, SAA6D102, SA6D110, S6D140, SA6D155
  • 6D95, 4D105, SA6D107, SA6D114, SA6D140, S6D170
  • S6D95, 6D105, SAA6D114, SAA6D140, SA6D170
  • SA6D95, S6D105, 6D125, SDA6D140, SA6D170E
  • S4D102, S6D108, S6D125, SA12V140 NH220-C1
  • SAA41D02, SA6D108, SA6D125, S6D102, SAA6D108, SAA6D125